i'll keep this short. everyone, myself included, benefits and enjoys black culture in one form or another. but most of us don't need to pay the black tax. if that feels wrong, it's because it is. if it doesn't, check your privilege and educate yourself. also donate. keep in mind that neither of these are one-time things.

i'm not going to pretend that i actually know or fully understand the black experience; i am not black, it is just not possible, and it would be wrong to say i did. what i can do is offer my compassion, ears, eyes, money, platform, services, time, etc.

if you need anything from me, i am here and want to help. please reach out.

hi! i'm kelvin.

i am based in seattle and am an engineer at nordstrom. i studied computer science and psychology at nyu shanghai and graduated in 2017 as a part of its inaugural class. i love all things tech, have an eye for design and photography, and enjoy performing music.

my old site hasn't been updated since graduating uni. but its contents and ideas are preserved here.